The Story of You

The Story of You

An Enneagram journey to becoming your true self

Ian Morgan Cron


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In The Story of You the author of the bestselling The Road Back to You reveals how to use the power of the Enneagram—the ancient personality typing system—to overwrite the negative stories we tell ourselves, so that we can ultimately become our true selves.

In this powerful, transformative guide, Ian Morgan Cron demonstrates the life-changing power of the Enneagram. The Story of You challenges us to rethink what we believe about who we are and offers lessons in using the Enneagram to help you change your story.

Drawing on his extensive counselling and personal experience, Cron examines each of the nine personality types. Step by step, he explains how each can find happiness by understanding their origin story, harnessing their type’s strengths, acknowledging weaknesses, and creating space for an incredible—and more positive—new reality.

The Story of You is a book for anyone looking for practical advice and guidance on how to use the Enneagram as a Christian, and to make it part of their spiritual formation. As you shed the false ideas you have about yourself and master your Enneagram profile, you will unlock your own inner power for spiritual growth—and, ultimately, for becoming the true self God meant for you to be.