Two Testaments, One Bible (3rd Edition)

Two Testaments, One Bible (3rd Edition)

The Theological Relationship Between The Old And New Testaments

David L Baker


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During the past two millennia, the Christian church has repeatedly faced challenges to its acknowledgment of both Old and New Testaments as Scripture. None of these challenges has been successful: at the dawn of the third Christian millennium, the Bible contains the same books as it did in the early church, with only slight variations between different traditions. And yet, doubts remain and questions continue to be asked.
Do we need the Old Testament today? Is this collection of ancient writings still relevant in our postmodern and increasingly post-literary world? Isn't the New Testament a sufficient basis for the Christian faith? What does the Old Testament God of power and glory have to do with the New Testament God of love whom Jesus calls 'Father'? Are these two very different Testaments really one Bible?
In this thoroughly revised, updated and expanded edition of Two Testaments, One Bible, David L. Baker investigates the theological basis for the continued acceptance of the Old Testament as Christian Scripture, through a study of its relationship to the New Testament. He introduces the main issues, surveys the history of interpretation, and critically examines four major approaches. He then considers four key themes, which provide a framework for Christian interpretation of two Testaments in the context of one Bible: 'typology', 'promise and fulfilment', 'continuity and discontinuity', and 'covenant'. He completes his study with a summary of the main conclusions and reflection on their implications for the use of the Bible today.