Exploring Christian Ethics

Exploring Christian Ethics

An Introduction to Key Methods and Debates

Craig Hovey


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Studying Christian ethics tends to involve talking about what we should or, more often, shouldn’t do. The aim of this book, however, is to explore Christian ethics within a wider, more positive framework – one that encourages a joyful way of living that flows naturally out of the abundant goodness of God’s life and character, as revealed in Christ.


Part 1 What Makes Christian Ethics Christian?
1. The Bible
2. Following Jesus
3. Some Key Theological Themes

Part 2 What Makes Christian Ethics Ethics?
4. Classical Roots
5. Modern Options
6. Contemporary Challenges

Part 3 The Stuff of Christian Ethics
7. Baptism and Identity
8. Mercy and Peace
9. Justice from Above (Order)
10. Justice from Below (Liberation)
11. Sexuality
12. Vulnerable Life
13. Challenges Posed by Science and Technology