Disappointment, Doubt and Other Spiritual Gifts

Disappointment, Doubt and Other Spiritual Gifts

Reflections On Life And Ministry

Mark Yaconelli


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Disappointment, Doubt and Other Spiritual Gifts is an honest, heartfelt and ultimately deeply hopeful collection of stories and reflections on Mark Yaconelli's own woeful inability to be the perfect Christian. As an acclaimed Christian writer and speaker Mark Yaconelli talks of his own failures and disappointments in Christian life and ministry, in order to offer others, hope for the future.

This is a book for any Christian that has ever felt that they've fallen short as a follower of Christ or has felt disappointed when they feel that the Church or other Christians have let them down or acted in a way that was unexpected. Mark's stories in this part memoir, all inspirational collection, reveal how no matter how mature a Christian you are, no matter how firm you feel your faith is, everyone has doubts and feels disappointment from time to time. But the wonderful news the Mark shares through the stories in Disappointment, Doubt and Other Spiritual Gifts is that as Christians the hope we have is far bigger than any of those doubts and disappointments.

Taken from the preface of Disappointment, Doubt and Other Spiritual Gifts: 'We fall in holes. Plans fall apart. Dreams die. Faith disappears. Suffering is real. We need help to recalibrate our lives back to our compassionate, God-trusting selves. Often, we need safe, creative space and trusted companions in order to move through painful and disorienting experiences. My hope is that the chapters in this book might provide that same creative companionship ... What I'm offering are stories, personal experiences, honest reflections and practices that might help you move out of the hurt and disappointment for a moment and remember your deeper capacities for love and generosity. These are the same stories and practices that have helped me to receive my own failings and sufferings as spiritual gifts.'


Mark Yaconelli:
Mark Yaconelli is the son of Mike Yaconelli, founder of Youth Specialities and, until his untimely death in 2003, one of the most popular ever speakers at Greenbelt. Mark has an MA in Christian Spirituality and a Graduate Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction. He has contributed chapters to Starting Right: Thinking theologically about youth ministry (Zondervan 2001) and Way to Live: Practicing our faith with youth (Upper Room 2002). Interviews and profiles of his work have appeared in the national American media, and there has been increasing interest in his work in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.