Curacies and How to Survive Them

Matthew Caminer


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It is common knowledge that many curacies run into difficulties! But if we’re involved in a problematic situation, the temptation may be to bottle things up rather than to talk openly about what we’re facing.
Curacies and How to Survive Them presents the opportunity to listen in on a series of fast-flowing conversations between a psychologist, a theologian and a management consultant. Using fictionalised case studies collated from true stories, the authors explore the dynamics and psychology of the critical relationship between curates and training incumbents.


Matthew Caminer:
Matthew Caminer is a professional management consultant. He has broadcast on Thought for the Day for B.B.C. Radio Oxford and contributed to Case Studies in Marketing (Addison Wesley, 1995). He is married to Miriam, who was ordained Deacon in 2011.



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