Treating Arthritis

Treating Arthritis

The Supplements Guide

Julia Davies


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One in four of all GP consultations in the UK relates to a musculoskeletal problem. This book is a thorough exploration of supplements that might help, based on the clinical experience of the Margaret Hills Clinic for arthritis. It explains why current conventional medical treatments so often fail in the light of the underlying nutritional imbalances which may be contributing factors to arthritis development. Topics include: supplements that may help, including cider vinegar, minerals, protein and amino acids; essential fatty acids, and how they affect inflammation; antioxidants; natural anti-inflammatories - enzyme therapy, herbal pain relief and nutritional solutions; how to start building your own nutritional programme; contra-indications and cautions, including what to do if you are taking medication.


Julia Davies:
Julia Davies, Margaret Hills' grand-daughter, has a BSc Honours degree in Human Physiology and is a qualified nutritional therapist who works at the Margaret Hills Clinic. A dedicated clinician, she suffered juvenile arthritis as a child and herself used the clinic remedies to good effect.