The Evangelical Universalist

The Evangelical Universalist

The Biblical Hope That God'S Love Will Save Us All

Gregory MacDonald


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Can an orthodox Christian, committed to the historic faith of the Church and the authority of
the Bible, be a universalist?
Is it possible to believe that salvation is found only by grace, through faith in Christ, and yet to
maintain that in the end all people will be saved?
Can one believe passionately in mission if one does not think that anyone will be lost forever?
Could universalism be consistent with the teachings of the Bible?
In The Evangelical Universalist the author argues that the answer is ‘yes!’ to all of these
questions. Weaving together philosophical, theological, and biblical considerations, he seeks
to show that being a committed universalist is consistent with the central teachings of the
biblical texts and of historic Christian theology.


Gregory MacDonald:
The controversial arguments in this book resulted in the first edition being released under the pseudonym of Gregory MacDonald. At that time, the author, Robin Parry, was Editorial Director of Paternoster. Robin is now an Editor at Wipf and Stock Publishers. He is author of books on Old Testament ethics, Trinitarian worship, and a commentary on Lamentations.